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      If you’re like me and love checking out new waterfalls, then Victoria has some great hiking trails for you. Here’s a quick list I’ve pulled together of some of the best hikes featuring waterfalls in Victoria.

      – MacKenzie Falls, Grampians: A local favourite, especially loud and lively in spring. Two lookouts to choose from.

      – Toorongo & Amphitheatre Falls, Gippsland: Two waterfalls for the price of one hike. Perfect for a picnic day out.

      – Trentham Falls, Trentham: The highest single-drop waterfall in Victoria and great for photography. Best between September and November.

      – Steavenson Falls, Marysville: Close to the town of Marysville, offers a scenic return walk on the Tree Fern Gully Trail.

      – Agnes Falls, Gippsland: A quick five-minute walk from the car park. It’s the highest single-span falls in Victoria.

      – Hopetoun Falls, Great Otway National Park: Located in the Otways, the trail has stairs and railing to the top.

      – Nigretta & Wannon Falls, Grampians: About three hours from Melbourne. You can even camp at Wannon Falls.

      – Woolshed Falls, Beechworth: Near Beechworth. Offers an observation deck and a historic walk along Spring Creek.

      – Bluff Falls Nature Walk, the Murray: Follow Bluff Creek for a dramatic view of Bluff Falls.

      – Keppel Falls Walk, Yarra Ranges National Park: Best visited in spring, this waterfall is reached via an upstream climb.

      – The Bryce Gorge Circuit Walk, Alpine National Park. Features Victoria’s most impressive ravine and two stunning falls.

      – Beehive Falls Trail, Grampians: A gentle hike to a waterfall that drops 25 metres into a rocky valley.

      Let me know what I’m missing!

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