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      G’day all

      I’ve been getting a few questions about the Pine Valley Hut side trip on the Overland Track. So, I thought I’d share a bit of info and insights from my own experience and some quick research.

      How to Get There
      Getting there is pretty straightforward. If you’re already on the Overland Track, you’ll find the turnoff for Pine Valley Hut on your right as you walk towards Narcissus Hut, away from Windy Ridge Hut. For those starting from Lake St Clair, you can take a 30-minute ferry ride to Narcissus Hut for $55 per person each way. From there, it’s a 9.5km walk to Pine Valley Hut.

      The Walk In
      The walk from the main trail to Pine Valley Hut is about 4.7km and takes roughly 1.5-2 hours. The trail is well-marked and offers a nice change of scenery. It’s a good break from the main track and a bit of a 3-in-1 adventure, as you can extend your trip to The Labyrinth and The Acropolis.

      The Hut
      The hut itself is basic and smaller than most on the main trail. It sleeps up to 16 people, so it can get a bit cosy if it’s a busy time. And it can get busy here because people can access it without an Overland Track pass. Pro tip: If possible, plan to stay at Pine Valley outside of the weekend to avoid weekend crowds who come in from Lake St Clair.

      Also, note that the local mice are known to frequent the hut, so make sure your food is stored securely.

      Do you need to book Pine Valley Hut?
      No, booking is not required (which is why it can get quite busy), but you will need a parks pass.

      Pine Valley has 4 tent platforms along with camping spots on the left of the track and also across the creek as you approach the hut. There’s also a toilet and rainwater tank close to the hut. Always treat the water before drinking.

      Nearby Walks
      For those keen on extending their adventure, the Labyrinth and Acropolis walks start from Pine Valley. These are the main attractions of this hut. The Labyrinth is about a 6km walk taking around 4 hours, and the Acropolis is another 6km but can take up to 5 hours. When I was here in February, we did the Labyrinth (photo below) in the rain and there was a section that was starting to turn into a bit of a waterfall. Both of these tracks offer stunning views and unique landscapes but are more challenging than the walk in so are suitable for more advanced hikers only.

      The Labrynth Pine Valley Hut Tasmania

      So, if you’re considering a side trip while on the Overland, Pine Valley Hut is a great option. In my view, it’s a must-visit if you have a few days to spare on your Overland Track expedition.

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