Zorali Escapade Backpack Review

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      Ok, another day, another gear review. Today I’m here to chat about my Zorali Escapade Backpack. I’ve been using this pack for a few months now, and I’ve got to say, it’s really grown on me.

      For daily life, it’s been awesome. I can fit everything I need for work, including my laptop, and still have room for gym gear or groceries. And I love that my nalgene 1l can fit in the size pocket. The front pocket is also super handy for, wallet, keys etc. It’s also got this retro fold-over top design that looks great.

      I’ve also taken it on a couple of day hikes and found it’s been perfectly comfortable, although it probably wouldn’t be my first choice for warm weather hikes just due to the lack of breathability. Also, if you load it up with too much weight for longer walks, you might miss having a hip belt.

      In terms of durability, this thing is tough. I’ve scraped it against rocks a number of times and it’s still in one piece. The zippers are heavy-duty and haven’t jammed on me yet.

      The main downside is it’s a bit on the expensive side at $185. I was given it as a gift – not sure if I’d fork out full price for it. But considering how versatile and durable it is, I think it will be a great product for lots of people.

      So, all in all, I’m really happy with this pack. It’s become my go-to for both work and play. Anyone else tried it out?

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